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SuperBar Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void addIcon (std::string path, std::string comm, std::string text)
void addIcon (std::string path, std::string comm)
std::string iconCommand (int i_num)
void iconDown (int i_num)
int iconIndex (int mouse_x)
void iconUp (int i_num)
void refresh (int mouse_x=-1)
void setPosition (std::string p)
 SuperBar (XWin *win, std::string barImg, std::string barFont, int iSize, int iDist, float zFactor, float jFactor, int bOrient, int bPosition, int nAnim, int barAlfa, int unfocusAlfa, int filtSel, unsigned int filtCol, bool dfont)

Protected Member Functions

void acquireBack ()
void cleanBack ()
void drawBack ()
void expand (bool inverse)
void focus ()
void iconPress (int i_num, int offs)
void initFilters ()
void render ()
void scale (bool updateBG=true)
void transform (int mousex)
void unfocus ()

Protected Attributes

float b_dd
float b_pos_m
float b_pos_n
float b_scl_a
float b_scl_b
float b_scl_d
_image bar
int barAlfa
_image barback
_image buffer
_image cleaning_buffer
Imlib_Filter colorFilter
int drawfont
Imlib_Filter fAlfaUnfocus
int filtAlfa
int filtBlue
int filtGreen
int filtRed
int filtSel
int focused
_font font
_image font_restore
int height
int icon_anim
int icon_ansd
int icon_dist
float icon_offset
int icon_size
int icon_unit
std::vector< Icon * > icons
float jump_factor
int oheight
int orientation
int owidth
int position
int rest_h
int rest_w
int rest_x
int rest_y
int unfocusAlfa
int width
int x
int y
float zoom_factor
int zoomed_icon

Detailed Description

Definition at line 7 of file SuperBar.h.

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